If you think the retro and intimate feel of black & white film is the right fit for your project, please do not hesitate to email me with your ideas! It would be my pleasure to work with you to make your vision a reality. Depending on the details, I typically charge $300 plus tax for 2 hours of photo time, during which you should expect I’d take 1 roll of film- approximately 36 black and white exposures.

Additionally, I have a special knack with toddlers. If you’re looking to get some unique and artistic pictures of your child, please see below. Toddler Photo Sessions- 2 hours: $300 plus cost of prints & sales tax.

This won’t be your typical toddler photo shoot.

During the session all I need is for your kid to be a kid. No forced poses, no matching family shirts, no wrangling. They get to do what makes them happy- it’s best if they ignore the camera completely. You get to spend time with them without distractions and without constantly reaching for your phone to catch them doing something cute or new. This is your chance to make memories and to stay in the picture. Rest easy, I’ll be right there to capture the moment.


Here’s how the process will work:

Together we will choose a time to take your kid(s) to a place they love- a playground, the zoo, a field etc. – at a time that fits their normal routine. Natural light is best. But, don’t worry- I’m happy to reschedule at no charge if we get to the park and it starts pouring or your kid is having a bad day. But once we’re there- we play. I’ll take a full roll of film- approx. 36 black and white exposures and we’ll set up a time for you to review the results. Then you can order prints – typically 8x10s- of your favorite shots. These prints are true works of art and will make an amazing addition to you home or office wall.



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